MMA Training and Martial Arts Techniques

Ankle Pick Technique in MMA

Strong take down ability is one of the most important aspects of wrestling for MMA. The take down changes...


The Real Way to Throw a Hook

As most good trainers know – whether in boxing, MMA, or combat martial arts – there are many applications...

The Best Martial Arts Style

Even though mixed martial arts (MMA) has arguably evolved into the most superior fighting style overall, it is by and large recognized as a combat sport that combines the most effective techniques and strategies from a range of individual striking and grappling arts/styles.

So, then what about the best “standalone” martial art or fighting style? Which one is best?

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BJJ and Grappling

When Do You Tap in Submission Grappling?

Submission grappling is sport that recognizes the importance of safety and honor in combat — a sport that lets...

Muay Thai and Kickboxing

How to Slip Jabs and Counter in Kickboxing

When we discuss self-defense or any ring sport we are talking defense, counters, and the ability to attack. With...

Strength & Conditioning

6 Beginner Core Exercises for the Combat Athlete

Among the many groups of muscles trained by an athlete, the core group of muscles is often overlooked or...

Spiritual Arts
Downed boxer getting back up.

Mind Over Martial Arts: The Power of Mental Strength

Many of life’s challenges require a strong mind. The mind allows you to deal with problems by solving them...

Traditional Martial Arts

Shojitsu Kenri Kataichi-ryu

Summary Systems/weapons: Battokenjutsu, (odachi); jojutsu Date founded: Early Tokugawa period (ca. 1680) Founder:...